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Willow weaving workshop for primary schools, willow dome workshop, sustainability workshop for primary schools

What can you make out of living willow?

Working with living willow is a great way of adding beautiful structures to your outdoor area.  We can build domes (up to 2 metres in diameter) and tunnels (up to 10 metres long). 

Which age groups can take part?

This workshop is an ideal forest school project and is most suitable for children in key stage 2.  It is normally organised by working with small groups, either the same children all day or different groups throughout  the day.

How long does it take?

Each workshop varies depending on the project.  To make a two metre willow dome or tunnel takes approximately half a day.

When can you book this workshop?

Living willow must be planted when it is fresh which is between late January and early April, so all workshops must be timetabled during these dates.

willow dome rotherham 2.jpg

Willow dome constructed by the 'Platinum' children as part of a special reward project at Broom Valley Community School, Rotherham

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