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Would you like to improve Art and DT in your school?  Does teaching Art and DT fill your teachers with dread?  Do you want to update or change your  curriculum?  If you need support then the Art-Room is here to help you.
Inset and staff training for primary school teachers
Bradfield Dungworth Printing.jpg
Learning  about printing at Bradfield Dungworth. (October 2020)

Contact us to arrange a personalised training session for your school. Training is interactive, with lots of practical ideas and advice to use in the classroom.

For a practical, hands-on session, we can visit your school.  All you need to do is pick the topics you would like to cover, finalise a date and select a full day, half day or twilight session.

Or if you prefer remote support, we  now offer a one hour staff training session via Zoom.

Here is the list of topics we cover:

  • Five Steps for a successful DT unit

  • Sketching techniques (includes advice on still life, landscapes and portrait drawing)

  • Painting (using watercolour, acrylic, mixing paints, applying different painting effects)

  • Working with clay

  • Textiles (weaving, embroidery, collage, batik, tie-dye)

  • Printing

  • Using sketchbooks

  • Studying artists and architects

  • Fun and engaging starter activities

  • Improving speaking and listening through art

  • Assessment

Or if you would like to update and improve your art curriculum, we can help you to create a bespoke art curriculum for your school.

Contact us now for more information.


Staff Wellbeing

We also offer staff meetings and Inset sessions focused on wellbeing where staff can sit back and relax and learn to weave with willow.  Everyone will make something to take home with them.

Artwork from the new curriculum  working in conjunction with Eastfield Primary Academy

Bradfield Dungworth Primary School

Read our latest review from an INSET session in October following social distancing guidelines.


Northfield Primary School

"Staff really looked forward to our twilight session and feedback showed that they weren't disappointed."


The Green Infant School

"Hands on and nice to have a go without the children."


St Thomas Primary School

"We liked gaining the confidence in what we do and will do."


Eastfield Primary Academy   

"It was a pleasure to work with Christine. She was patient and supportive when we came to her with a bespoke request to create a new art curriculum for the whole school."


St John the Baptist R C Primary School

"We enjoyed developing the skill of sketching and the different techniques we can model to pupils."


Crofton Infant School

"Very practical, informal, enjoyable, relevant."


Rose Wood Academy

"We now have a more coherent curriculum, which has a clear rationale behind it. There is a clear overview, from which all teachers are planning. This ensures that there is appropriate breadth and balance in the curriculum."


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