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The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum states that an art curriculum should ‘engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to create their own works of art.’  The Art Room meets this criteria through:

  • Detailed lessons plans teaching artistic skills and  techniques.

  • Knowledge of great artists throughout history

  • Children have the opportunity to take part in lessons which allow them to explore and create their own works of art.  

  • Finally, if that is not enough, children can explore art from around the world by reading stories and fact-files to engage and inspire them.


The lesson plans designed here at the Art Room meet the aims set out in the new National Curriculum.

  • Lessons offer the opportunity to create pieces of art.

  • Pupils can become proficient at using different medium, such as watercolours, pastels, ink, sketching pencils, clay and fabric.

  • Pupils can read about the works of famous artists, craft makers and designers and respond to questions and form opinions.

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