What is wet felting?

In our wet felting workshop the children use wool to create a felted picture.  They learn how to build up layers to create a background and then design a picture to go on the surface. 

Which age groups can take part?

This workshop is ideally suited for year 2 upwards, although we have a few special projects which have been adapted for foundation stage and year 1, such as Elmer the Elephant, Rainbow Fish and the Gruffalo.

Which topics can you link it with?

We have linked wet felting to many different topics such as William Morris, Monet's Waterlilies, space, flowers, minibeasts, Ancient Egypt and many different books, including Funny Bones,  and The Dot, 

How long does it take?

It takes between 1 ½ - 2 hours to create a piece of felt, so we can easily fit in a few classes in one day.

Learn a bit more about wet felting by downloading our free report.

For us it was having new experiences with the children, something simple, achievable and hands on. The workshops have ticked all the boxes and more, highly recommend.

Bedwell Primary School, March 2017

Wet Felting Workshop

Why book a wet felting workshop?

 Wet felting is easy, fun, and accessible for all children and the vast range of eye-catching designs will liven up your school walls.  We can also produce work which links to lots of different areas of the curriculum such as; under the sea, minibeasts, flowers, landscapes, weather, food, Ancient Egypt, space, Islamic stars and many more.

Can my work be made into a display?

Yes, you have a few different options.   You can pick to create the work for the children to take home, for some projects we can frame the work or or we can sew it together to create a wall hanging. 

Can it be adapted for foundation stage?

We also have some special projects just for the little ones such as Elmer the Elephant.  This can be created working with the children during continuous provision and then framed and sent back to you.

For us, it was a very different material to work with and a variety of different skills for the children to experience. 

Finstall First School, October 2016

Very practical, all children were able to have a go. All able to see a finished product at the end of the session.

St Paulinus Catholic Primary School, January 2017

Engaging, learnt new skills! Fun!

Thurgoland C of E Primary School, February 2017

The children were given most of the time to do and not just listen. 

St John's Green Primary School, April 2017

Well resourced, all children hands on and engaged quickly. Children are thrilled with their creations - we'd never have managed it alone! 

Bidborough Primary School, May 2017

I liked that it was fun and quite relaxing, but at the same time quite challenging but in a good way. 

Children of St John the Baptist School

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