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Willow weaving is a really easy craft to learn and all the weaving kits are perfect for you to try at home. Each pack includes all the willow you will need, instructions and decorating material.  If you are working with children, I would recommend starting by making a small ring or wreath and then progress to a cross, star or some little trees.

'A guide for what to buy'

Willow needs to be soaked to become pliable and each variety of willow requires a different amount of soaking time.

Our willow wreaths measure about 30cm in diameter and are made using white or buff willow; both types of willow only need a couple of hours soaking time.


Our willow hearts are made with buff willow and are ideal for adults who would like to try a new craft.  Buff willow requires  60 - 90 minutes in water and so is ideal to put in the bath.  Buff willow is a bit trickier to use and can split if oversoaked or under-soaked.  However, don't worry as there will be extra just in case this happens.

Our willow stars, willow crosses and willow trees are made using brown willow.  This is the easiest willow to use, ideal for beginners and is what I always use in schools with children.   However, the willow will need to be soaked for 4 days to become pliable. 

White willow is willow where the bark has been stripped off.  This takes a lot of work; the willow is harvested in winter and then sits in water until May when the bark is stripped from it.  I only have a small amount left from this year, once it's gone, it's gone!

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