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Hi, I'm Christine, an experienced primary school teacher of 10 years, and an artist, and now I run the Art-Room.   The Art-Room is a resource to engage children in artistic skills and produce work which will brighten up your school. I run a range of different workshops, including creating recycled paper, felt making, willow weaving and  leading staff training sessions.   So far, we have visited infant, junior and special schools all over the country.  We would love to bring our art projects to your school, so please, get in touch.


The children accessed the activity in their own way, many observed the activity due to their physical disabilities. However, they still showed interest and enjoyment while making the leaves and the children have been empowered that they contributed to the making of the tree in the school’s grounds.

The Redway School - a school within Milton Keynes  October 2017

Paper Making Workshop

In our paper making workshop, the children will learn where paper comes from, the impact of deforestation and the importance of recycling paper. 

Wet Felting Workshop

In our wet felting workshop the children will use wool to create a felted picture.  They will learn how to build up layers to create a background and then design a picture to go on the surface. 

Willow Weaving Workshop

Willow weaving is a fantastic workshop, which gets your children working outdoors.

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Everything was explained in an interesting way and at an appropriate level. The children set to work confidently, and with enthusiasm. It wasn't long before they  were independent paper-makers!

Burnwood Community Primary School,

November 2016


The National Curriculum states that an art curriculum should ‘engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to create their own works of art.’  The lesson plans designed here at the Art Room meet the aims set out in the new National Curriculum.  Our lessons offer the opportunity to create pieces of art. Pupils can become proficient at using different medium, such as watercolours, pastels, ink, sketching pencils, clay and fabric. Pupils can read about the works of famous artists, craft makers and designers and respond to questions and form opinions

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