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Paper making workshop for primary schools remembrance day art workshop for primary schools

What is paper making?

In our paper making workshop, the children will learn where paper comes from, the impact of deforestation and the importance of recycling paper. 

Which age groups can take part?

Children of all ages can take part in this workshop, so anyone from reception to year 6.  We can even organise a timetable to include nursery children too.

How long does it take?

It takes between 40 minutes to 1 hour to create recycled paper and if you would like, we can even start the day with a whole school assembly. 

Which topics can you link the workshop to?

Whilst paper making is a great workshop to showcase your work for eco-schools and the environment, we have also visited many schools who have linked it to different topics.  So far, these include poppy paper for Remembrance day, sweetie paper inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, African animals and the rainforest.  We can even help you out during those busy times of year by making your Christmas, Easter or Mothers’ day cards.

To learn more about the history of paper making and sustainable paper making, download these two free reports:

 Sustainable Paper Making and The History of Paper Making

The children were given background information before carrying out the activity which ensured they understood the importance of the concept. Every child got to create their own piece of recycled paper and take it away with them! Every child was so enthused after the workshop and were all very proud to have created such a wonderful piece of recycled paper! Thank you, Christine

Childer Thorton Primary

Paper Making Workshop

Book a paper making workshop for your school.

Paper making is really easy and teaches children about the importance of recycling. There are two ways we can run the day.

  • Book a standard workshop, we can spend an hour with each class in their classroom, so you can fit in up to four classes in one day; two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

  • Book a taster session, as long as you have a space for us to set up the workshop, you can split the day into 40 minute sessions and each class can visit us to make some paper. Depending on your timetable we can fit in six or seven classes.


Our paper making workshop can be adapted to any age group, from nursery school children to year six. It also links really well with science, where the children can learn about floating and sinking or with the older children, an insight into particles and changing state.

"The children loved making paper and it made a beautiful display afterwards."

Dearne Highgate Primary School

"The paper making workshop was well organised and resourced with fantastic interaction with the children."

Nicole Yang

"I liked how it was very interactive for the children and they could see the end product when they were doing it.  We got loads of writing from it.  Every class thoroughly enjoyed it"

Primrose Hill Primary School

"Excellent content, really enjoyable and would definitely recommend."

Idle C of E Primary School

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