What is willow weaving?

Willow weaving is a fantastic workshop, which gets your children working outdoors.  We run these workshops most of the year, in rain or shine. 

Which age groups can take part?

This workshop is ideally suited to key stage 2 where, following our demonstration they work independently to weave the leaves for the tree.  

How long does it take?

This workshop is completed in one day.  We normally work with a few classes to create the leaves, with each class spending about 1 hour weaving.  In the afternoon, we work with a couple of children to weave the trunk and the branches onto the fence.

What else can you weave?

Our trees are easily our most popular project, but we can also make fish to decorate your school pond and crosses which are perfect for Easter.

Learn a bit more about willow weaving by downloading our free report.

fish close up.jpg

In the year five lesson this morning the children have been willow weaving.  They made two Christian symbols, a cross for the school reflection area and a fish that they took home.  What an amazing workshop.  Thank you Christine Burdin.

Monk Fryston Primary School, April 2021

All children engaged throughout – they really enjoyed it and have loved seeing what they produced when it was up. Worked well with three classes – timings were good and activity was kept ‘pacey’

Moorlands Primary School, May 2017

Heading 5

Children were engaged in a fun outdoor activity that they never had a chance to do before. The group helped encourage positive learning and communication between peers.

Hucknall National C of E School, May 2017

Active, all could achieve. All resources provided, The children all thoroughly enjoyed the weaving and learnt a new skill.

Woodside Junior School, July 2017

The pitch was at a level that engaged all of the children. Questions were answered with great detail and the children gained both knowledge and a new skill.

Great Linford, July 2017

Everyone got a good chance to have a go. Improved their hand-eye coordination. 

Hazel Leys Academy, July 2017

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